What You Should ACTUALLY Do In Your Twenties!

Thinking about what to do in your twenties
Thinking about what to do in your twenties? Look no further! Here are 6 things to work on before you turn 30.

Twenties are a fun age, the age of enjoying life & having few to no responsibilities, but between these amazing times and spectacular weekends lay a few things you need to consider to invest in yourself & your time. 

I’m not here to kill the fun for you, twenties are a great time to take risks, make mistakes & learn. That’s why I’ve gathered here for you a list of 6 things you HAVE to do in your 20s. 

1- Don’t Take Your Health for Granted Just Because You’re Twenty.

We tend to ignore our health while we’re young, acting as if it is going to stick with us forever. Now you’re at your best & enjoying your health fully and your body is most likely always energized and capable of serving your needs very well, but these blessings won’t stay, as you may know, everything you don’t take care of right now will probably fail you in the future. Look after your body by doing sports, eat healthy food, and get enough time for your rest. I know that these might be small things that we hear all the time but believe me they are worthy and they WILL make a huge difference reflecting on all other aspects of your life, psychologically, physically, and even professionally.

2- In Your Twenties, “Practice Makes Perfect”

Everything you’re doing now occasionally will become a habit later even if you didn’t mean for it to be, so work on building the habits in your twenties which are best for you and which matter to you the most. Imagine yourself in your 30s, draw the perfect picture of your daily routine that you’ve always dreamed of, what is ideal for you? What kind of activities do you think are meaningful? Imagine your day from the hour you wake up in the morning to the hour you go to bed at night, make this image a place to start from, take those actions every day now till they turn into solid habits.

3- Learn a Foreign Language

Acquiring a new language is not just good for your career, college, or for your travels and trips abroad; It also opens doors for you, makes your brain open to comprehend other perspectives of life, and brings you into a whole other understanding for our globe. Learning a second language is not restricted to speaking, it widens your vision and leaves you feeling as if you have a second soul in you!

4- Learn the Power of Saying NO!

Your twenties are full of enthusiasm and eagerness to do every single thing. All the fun, laughter, and great times you have when you do crazy things with your friends is exciting, but you need to remember when to stop and when to say no to things you don’t need or that might not be good for you. Know your mental and physical limits, don’t burn yourself out just because you’re always going with the flow.

5- Work to Gain Experience, not Money (while you’re still “twenty-something”)

What you actually need in your first 7 years of work is to initially focus on gaining experience. Your twenties are perfect for change, discovery, and taking risks. Don’t be afraid of losing a little money or struggling in a position you work in, because you’re most likely now young, strong, and on the way to find the best path for you. Even if nothing makes sense right now or maybe things seem unstable, it’s ok, remember that you’re doing this for the benefits of the “elderly you”.

6- “Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.”–Jim Rohn

It’s frustrating to always hear about reading and how it’s useful? Ever asked yourself why is reading important that everyone around tells us about it? It’s as simple as a piece of cake, as you know, college and school never teach us everything, and if you want to know more, increase your knowledge, and educate yourself, you ought to read more.

Start by reading articles, blogs that interest you, and give you a desire to search and learn, don’t feel a burden forcing yourself to continue something that doesn’t excite you, because you’ll end up quitting reading. You DON’T have to read what you don’t like or what doesn’t attract your attention at all, I’m sure there are plenty of ideas, subjects, and topics out there which you would want to know more about, so maybe start from there!

At the end of the day, you can see that everything mentioned above isn’t that hard or boring compared with their tremendous benefits, so give it a shot, try to invest in your 20s, see where it’s going to lead you. Are you in your 20s or 30s? What do you think should we add to this list? Give us a piece of your mind!

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