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Did you know that, during the first year of the pandemic, Canadians with the lowest credit ratings paid off the highest amounts of debt? The lower the credit score, the lower the credit card balance. Canadians with low or bad credit have proven they repay their loans, and can benefit from installment loans when they need fast cash. This is why Tekaloan.com is the best choice for Canadians seeking funds, and fast.

Whether they need funds for an emergency or want a loan they can pay incrementally, a Tekaloan is the best option.

But what is a Tekaloan, and how do you qualify? This article explains the top 8 reasons why a Tekaloan is the best option for your next loan, so be sure to keep reading. 

What Is a Fast loan?

Fast loans typically provide funds within 24 hours. If this is your first time applying, you may only qualify for $500. However, if you’ve borrowed before and have a proven track record with verified lenders, you can get approved for a higher loan. 

The beauty of Tekaloans is that you won’t be denied based on your credit. This leads to loan approval in a short amount of time. 

Fast loans also have a shorter term than more traditional bank loans. You may qualify anywhere from a few minutes to a day, whereas bank loans can take upwards of several weeks to approve. 

If you’re in a bind and need fast cash, then a Tekaloan is a great option. 

1. Emergency Situations

If there’s an emergency and you need fast cash, then an installment loan is an excellent option. Whether you need emergency service on your vehicle or extra cash for a home emergency, Tekaloan is an excellent choice.

2. Pay Loan in Increments

Not everyone can repay a loan in one lump sum, making installment loans ideal. You’ll be able to repay them incrementally, which can reduce financial strain. If you need assistance, smaller payments can be spread out over a longer period of time to further alleviate any financial stress. 

Installment loans don’t require you to pay them in full come your next payday, whereas some other loans do. 

3. No Credit Check Required

If you have less than stellar credit, then Tekaloan is an excellent choice for you. Tekaloan works by reviewing your financial data instead of your credit history. 

It’s as simple as submitting an application!

4. Get Funds Via Interac E-Transfer

If you’re a renewing client using Tekaloan, you qualify for e-transfer funds if requested. 

This isn’t limited to business days- you can access an e-transfer on holidays and weekends. Even better, your e-transfer can arrive within a few minutes of your online approval. 

5. Fast Cash

No matter when or why you need fast cash, Tekaloan is committed to helping you secure those funds quickly. If your application is approved by 14:00 EST, you’ll receive funds the same day. 

If your loan is approved after 14:00 EST, you’ll still receive funds within 24 hours. 

Tekaloan offers competitive rates, outpacing the competition. 

Apply for a loan as soon as possible, and Tekaloan will get your information off to the analysis department. Although the process is said to take 24 hours, Tekaloan works tirelessly to get you your loan as quickly as possible. 

6. Pay Your Loan Off Early

If you wish to pay off your loan early, you can do so. Although your first payment has to be an automatic withdrawal, there’s nothing preventing you from repaying the rest of your loan as quickly as possible. 

Whether you need time to pay your loan off or simply want to repay it as quickly as possible, Tekaloan remains dedicated to being flexible. 

7. Security

Canada has resources in place, dedicated to conquering cybercrime. However, that doesn’t prevent Tekaloan from taking all precautionary measures to protect your online identity. 

Tekaloan proudly offers some of the best privacy-protection software in the industry, using a system that takes all necessary privacy and security precautions into consideration. This system uses 128-bit encryption, the same as your bank does. 

If you’re concerned about username or password security, then rest assured your information remains confidential and will never be displayed. 

Tekaloan is the safest way to apply for a loan while ensuring your privacy and offering online safety features. 

If you apply for a loan, you can guarantee it’ll be 100% secure. All of your private information is confidential.

When you call, you’ll answer a series of security questions unique to you. These questions will be asked every time you call.

Any information you enter is sent via a secure network to your personal financial institution, allowing Tekaloan to access your bank statements in “read-only” format. This allows Tekaloan to confirm your identity. This same information is what a team of highly trained specialists use to approve your loan. 

8. Job Loss Assistance

If you lose your job, Tekaloan remains committed to assisting you. There are several ways you can receive help. 

You may benefit from loan payment suspension. This can range from 2-6 weeks. You’ll need to provide documentation, but Tekaloan is committed to assisting you. 

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Whether you’ve got an emergency expense or simply need fast cash without the hassle of a credit check, Tekaloan is a great option. We’ll provide you with the installment loans that work best for your specific needs. 

Visit us at tekaloan.com and apply for online loans. Our customer service team is ready to help you with all your fast cash needs, so contact us today!

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