Money And Self-Care: how self-care can save you money


Money is often thought of as a means to an end. To make ends meet, to feed the family, to spend on purchases we like or want or need. Money is also used in activities that could be categorized as self- care like a spa day for example or a vacation.

What if we were to turn that around and have self-care influence money. More specifically, how self- care can, in the end, help you save money and reduce your spending.

What is self-care

Self-care is as much common to all as it is a very individual thing. Self-care means just that, taking care of yourself. This can be done through many different methods, but essentially, at its core, is meant to help you feel relaxed, peaceful, connected to yourself. Examples of self-care include meditation, taking a relaxing bath, breathing exercises, yoga, taking a walk, doing a pleasant activity, petting your dog, mindfulness practice, dancing. Honestly the list could go on because it’s anything that makes you connect in a peaceful way to yourself.

The impact of self-care on money

Caring for yourself will have a variety of positive ramifications. The obvious ones are feeling happier and more relaxed. Did you know it can also therefore influence how you think?

How self-care relates to money

Self-care relates to money as it can influence your spending habits. The clearer you can think, the more likely you are to analyse a situation before making a decision. You will be in a position to be making a decision from your thinking-brain who is relaxed and happy, versus your reactive-brain who isn’t feeling too well, who might be stressed and looking to relieve the tension with impulse purchases. The fact of the matter is, whether you do it in a conscious way or not, you are going to be looking for stress relief. This could be buying an extra donut at Tim Hortons, or taking a bath when you get home.

The lesson

The lesson is this: the more you take care of yourself, the more you will be in a state of mind to make decisions with a clear mind, thus allowing you to save money by not spending it on things that you don’t necessarily really need.

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