Ways to travel as a student using money-saving opportunities

If you are a student, likely money is tight. This doesn’t mean you stop living. You might still want to travel, live an adventure and discover new things. You are only young once right? There is no need for a huge budget when travelling, especially as a student. There are many opportunities that exist for youth, and particularly students, to travel abroad. Here are just a few of these money-saving opportunities that you should take advantage of as a student if you want to travel.

Lodging options

Many lodging options are available to you at low cost as a person under 30, this includes youth hostels. Do your research before leaving, talk with other travellers to get an idea of the place’s reputation before you go. Some are better than others, and they all offer low cost accommodations for youth.

Another alternative is couch surfing. This platform, available for all age groups, allows you to connect with individuals willing to lend you their couch, or sometimes a bedroom, for a short stay while travelling. This is free of cost, but again, make sure to carefully read reviews before deciding where to stay.

Work abroad programs, travel and work at the same time

There are a variety of programs that allow you to work while being abroad as a student. This formula allow you to travel, discover the world, all the while working while you are in that new country, allowing you to suddenly being able to afford that adventure!
There are companies that will hire people to teach English abroad. In most of those cases, you don’t necessarily need to be a student. There is also a not-for-profit program of the Canadian Federation of Students called SWAP which helps students find work abroad opportunities. Support for finding accommodation, work and travel plans is provided with this program. Other such opportunities may exist out there, do you research, it’ll be worth the experience!

University exchange programs, travel and study at the same time.

As a student, your university might offer the opportunity for a semester abroad. McGill University for example, offers students exchange opportunities in over 39 countries around the world. They are partnered up with 160 universities that you can chose from. Make sure to ask questions if you are interested in this type of experience, your own University might just offer that same study semester abroad possibility.

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