Minimalism: Interior Design For Simple Living

Minimal Interior Design For Simple Living
Minimalistic design isn’t just simpler, it can look great too!

What is minimalism?

To create a minimal interior design, we first need to understand minimalism.

Minimalism in short words is simplicity, freeing yourself of trivial burdens, going back to what’s important, and to what’s basic. Minimalists focus on the essential elements in their lives, houses, eating, and thinking.

Consequently, minimal interior design is portrayed with simplicity, warmth, and off-trend decorations like practical items and furniture.

Why minimal interior design?

Because it’s much more affordable to bring on the main and essential pieces to your house. Minimalism DOESN’T mean cheap or boring! It just frees you from materialism and consumerism, it makes the smallest rooms look bigger and more open. Minimalist interior designs generate creativity, quietness, and peace.

Living by “less is more”:

1- Minimalism Utilizes a Neutral Color Palette

Walking inside the house, you don’t want to see a wide color scheme that may be visually distracting or give you the feeling of a cluttered house. On the other hand, you don’t have to stick to whites, beiges, or grays. You can always add a pop of color to create an aesthetic look for the place. But keep in mind that minimalism’s design doesn’t use more than two or three color hues per room.

2- Quality over Quantity

While decorating or buying new things for your house, keep in mind the importance of functionality. Having one essential, quality & timeless piece of furniture is the answer for most items. Always ask yourself this: “Is it really necessary and am I going to still like this in a year?”

Keep in mind, you can always use an accent element like an art piece, plant, painting, or a souvenir. It will make the room more alive, will be displayed better and more easily spotted among everything else.

3- Give me my Space!

Taking your mental space is as important as physical space. Minimalists believe that vacant spaces help you reach a “decluttered” & calm state of mind.

Minimalism doesn’t mean that your house will appear blank or empty. But, creating a welcoming feeling is essential to keep the atmosphere cozy & warm. In addition, try not to get tempted to fill every single space and appreciate the beauty of an empty wall!

4- Sun is Part of Your Minimalism Decor too!

Using sunlight as a lighting factor is one of the most well-known tricks to minimal interior design. Minimalism also takes advantage of the surrounding nature (like a wide window with the perfect view instead of putting artworks). Keep your rooms open and airy, and let the sun work its magic! This adds a feeling of warmth, coziness, and positivity to the house.

5- Texture is a Key

Simplicity doesn’t mean that you have to stick with one or two materials, you can vary as much as you want, using cloth, pottery, glass, and wood will give a richer feeling, avoid the boredom of the same and make your interior design much more attractive.

Finally, think about this: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci. Remind yourself that it’s not about wanting more, it’s about essentials & meaningful things. Decluttering all chaos around you will keep you oriented, focused & ultimately happy.

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