Learn How To Save Money With Your Smartphones


Smartphones have gone from being a luxury to a necessity.  It’s no longer a novelty to be able to call, text and browse the Internet on a moment’s notice; it has become second nature to us.  But with everything a smartphone can do for us, most people aren’t taking advantage of all the ways it can save you money.  There are apps available that can help you do anything from invest money to find savings.  Here are the top apps that help you save money with your smartphone:


This is a great investing app for people who don’t know anything about investing.  The app has you link your debit or credit card and then it automatically rounds up every purchase you make on that card to the nearest dollar.  It then takes those nickels and dimes and invests them in a portfolio of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that it manages for you.

Acorns doesn’t require a minimum balance to open an account, and it will start investing for you as soon as you’ve accumulated $5.  It costs a flat fee of $1 a month for a standard investment account and $2 a month for an individual retirement account.  Acorns is a perfect way for beginner investors to dip their toes into investing and start letting their money make them money.

Digital Wallet & Smartphones

Apple Pay and Google Pay are both digital wallets that let you check out with your smartphone.  You can go ahead and leave your wallet at home, because digital wallets are now accepted at most major grocery stores and shops.  Just link your debit or credit card to your digital wallet and you’re set!  You can even link your bank account to directly charge the account and bypass the use of a card.

Most credit cards offer rewards especially for people who’ve just signed up.  The Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Card is an example of a credit card that offers higher cash back when you pay via a digital wallet.  If you use your digital wallet to pay with your credit card, you’ll earn 1.8% cash back instead of the traditional 1.5%.  Many other credit cards offer similar rewards for using a digital wallet.


Groupon is the modern version of coupon clipping on your smartphones.  Through Groupon you can purchase services or events for a reduced price.  Many of these discounts are ridiculously high for first time purchasers.  With this smartphone app you can find deals when you’re out on the go.  If you’re out with a friend and decide last minute to treat yourself to a manicure, just pull out Groupon and find the best deal.  Any time you’re looking for a particular service no matter how random, it doesn’t hurt to see if there’s a Groupon for that.

Smartphones are ridiculously expensive nowadays.  Offset some of these costs by letting your smartphone earn and save you money.  You’d be surprised at how much you can save with the use of an app!

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