Jobs You Can Do From Home Or On The Go


Who doesn’t want to work from home?  You get increased flexibility, you can work in your pyjamas if you like, and you don’t have to deal with grumpy bosses.  There’s also the joy of not having a commute!  Most of the work-from-home jobs of the past were just pyramid schemes.  However, technological improvements have led to a higher amount of lucrative jobs that let you work at home.  Here are some jobs you can do from home:

Freelance Writer From Home

Most writers work freelance at one point or another.  The “gig economy” that’s rapidly developing makes it easy for writers to work on a job-to-job basis.  Millennials are the biggest base of freelance workers, but the jobs are out there for anyone.  Freelance writing comes with the benefit of being able to dictate your own workload, charging whatever rates you want.

By being self-employed, you will have to pay for some things that full-time employees don’t need to.  These include things like a work computer and any business related travel fees.  However, you can deduct these expenses from your taxes if you keep records of any and all work expenses.

Social Media Manager

Social media is a quickly growing industry, with almost every company having some sort of online presence.  Digital marketing has become the most popular form of advertisement, with Facebook and Instagram ads replacing the billboard ads of the past.  Businesses need people to manage their social media accounts.  Because the position is fairly new, many companies don’t yet have a social media manager.

All you need to be a social media manager is an intermediate knowledge of technology and social media.  You can find posts on and looking for social media managers.  And if you’ve got a lot of Instagram followers, you’re in luck.  Companies value the free advertisement that your followers will give them.

Virtual Assistant

As more and more work is shifted online, assistants are able to do their work remotely.  Many businesses operate entirely online and require virtual assistants to organize their work.  Most virtual assistant jobs require you to perform technical, creative and administrative tasks.  Unlike a regular assistant, you won’t be asked to pick up the boss’ kids from daycare.  As a virtual assistant, you’ll be asked to do things like write emails, respond to inquiries and write content.

Call-Center Representative

Working for a call-center isn’t the most exciting job on the market, but it pays well.  Businesses need call-center reps to assist customers on the computer or phone.  You can find dozens of posts looking for call-center reps on sites like or  For people experienced in customer service, this is an easy job to do from home.

All you need to work from home is a polished resume and a little research.  Just make sure to avoid the scams out there that ask you to spend money to make money.  Follow these tips and you’ll be working from home in no time!

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