Is Your Electricity Consumption Making You Lose Money?


Not a homeowner? Not a problem! You don’t need to be a homeowner to benefit from home improvements. If you pay for your own electricity, this blog is for you!
Indeed, in these cold winter months, the electricity bill can become quite high. The more the temperature plummets, the more electricity you will consume to heat your home (assuming your heating system is electrical).

Even while renting an apartment or a house, there are actions you can take to limit energy loss. This will help keep your hard-earned money in your pocket instead of sending it off to the electric company.

The fix: knowing the culprits! By knowing where you lose energy, you will figure out where you lose money. Let’s take a look at the major energy gobblers:

Temperature control

Temperature control in your home can represent almost half of your energy consumption. By temperature control, I am referring to heating and cooling your home. Whether it’s winter time and you up the heating to feel nice and cozy, or a hot humid summer day and you crank up the AC, it’s eating up energy and eating up your money!
Small tweaks can help greatly such as; having a digital thermostat in each room, setting the temperature a little cooler in the winter and a little warmer in the summer and compensate by dressing warmer or cooler instead of using up heating or cooling to its maximum.

Water heater: the electricity sucker!

The water heater typically uses up more than 1/10 of your energy use. Shorter showers and washing clothes in cold water are your best options here!

Washer and dryer

Again with an energy use of more than 1/10 is your washer and dryer. Obviously you cant stop washing your clothes, but you can make sure to use these appliances in an efficient manner: like making bigger loads (watch out not to overdo it though) and sometimes skipping the dryer in the summer months to air dry your clothes in the hot sun!


Lighting is another big one! But this one is an easy fix: don’t open lights you don’t need and close them when you are done! It’s that simple!

Small changes in your habits can have a great impact on your energy bill. And reducing your energy bill, means reducing your spending and so more money you can spend on other (more interesting) things!

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