How to Pay for Unexpected Medical Bills


Despite paying more taxes, Canadians pay close to what Americans pay for medical care. So Canadians are paying more for their medical bills on average.

Because of this, it is not uncommon for Canadians to have to deal with unexpected medical bills. Although, options like Tekaloan could help with this if you don’t have the necessary funds.

There are a few ways to get money fast if you were hit with an unexpected bill. Medical bills are often unexpected and can be very pricey.

Keep reading to find out more about getting quick cash and how Tekaloan can help.

Payment Plans

The majority of medical providers have different health payment plans you can use. These often involve no or low-interest payments that you can make over a period of time.

In a way, these plans act like a loan by giving you time to pay the bill. Though it is often better than a loan as it is easier and has minimal or no interest involved.

This is by far the best way to take care of sudden medical bills. You can choose a plan and pay the payments as you are supposed to.

Then the bill will be gone once the amount has been paid in full. These are plans that can often be worked out right there in the doctor’s office.

Although, you need to make sure you ask about any additional fees. Some plans have fees attached, which can raise the overall bill that you are paying.

You don’t want to choose an option that is only going to raise the amount that you owe, because fees are going to be counterproductive and more of a financial strain on your funds.

Take Out a Loan

If you have a large medical bill, one option you have is to take out a loan. You can do this through a loan provider like Tekaloan that can have the money available that same day.

This is a provider that makes getting a loan easy and accessible for most people, even if you have limited funds and no way to pay off medical expenses.

Tekaloan doesn’t require credit checks, so you don’t have to worry about your credit. Once you have the loan, you will have a payment plan to follow.

So all you have to do is make sure that you pay the loan amount back within the designated timeframe. So this option works very similarly to a medical payment plan.

Borrow Money

If you are out of ideas when you need to get money fast, you could get a personal loan. This is when you borrow money from a friend or family member to help you cover that bill.

Borrowing money isn’t ideal, but it is a way to get quick cash. You can agree on a payment schedule to pay them back so that there is no room for misunderstandings.

Depending on the amount you owe, you may have to borrow from different people. Medical bills can be quite high, and a loved one may not have enough to loan you.

If this is the case, you will need to keep track of the details. Write a note so that you know to whom you owe money and when they need it back.

Double Check the Amount

One thing to realize is that medical bills are notoriously inaccurate for patients. So there is always the chance that your bill may not be the right amount.

Before you worry about paying these bills, you should double-check the amount first. You can often do this by studying the receipt you get, and checking for common errors.

The most common issue is charges being repeated, which is easy to catch. You could even ask the office to review the bill to make sure it is completely accurate.

If you have insurance, you should also contact your insurance provider. Sometimes they are supposed to pay for things but don’t and need to be reminded.

Sell Items

One way to get quick cash is to sell items that you may already have. This can be a great way to collect funds to cover your bill.

You may have some items of value that you could sell or items that you could use in a garage sale. Doing this may not always cover your bill, but it can help you out.

There are all kinds of online marketplaces that allow you to sell items online. It is an easy and fast way to try to get extra money if you have an unexpected bill come up.

How to be Prepared for Medical Bills

The best way to prepare for unexpected medical bills is to have savings. This can be difficult, but it is really the only way to be prepared for these kinds of things.

If you have health issues, you should make sure you have good health insurance while also having savings set aside in case of unexpected medical expenses that may come up.

However, everyone could benefit from having some savings set aside for larger bills. Since these expenses have a tendency to come up suddenly when you least expect them.

How Tekaloan Can Help With Unexpected Medical Bills

If you have to pay sudden medical bills, you may not have the money to do this. The good thing is that loan companies like Tekaloan can help you out with a small loan.

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