How To Know When To Buy Used Products


There are many benefits to purchasing used products versus buying them brand new. However, some of these purchases are not always worthwhile. Sometimes, it is better to buy brand new items instead of used ones. Some used products can come with risks such as viruses, defects or hidden damage that renders the item unsafe. In these instances, buying new is worth the extra money and hassle.

So how do you decide? 

It is recommended to start with two general guidelines: Firstly, can the item be thoroughly cleaned? Secondly, can you verify its history or make sure it’s safe? Here are their recommendations for what to buy used—and when you should consider investing in something new:



Clothes are usually great to buy used  (except for hats and shoes as they might be worn down and used). Just make sure to wash or dry-clean them before wearing them.

Kitchen Items

Items like glassware, flatware and storage containers help stock your kitchen at a good price (with the exception is nonstick cookware). As with clothing, wash your purchases thoroughly before using.

Refurbished Electronics

Refurbished electronics are a good option for second-hand goods – but only from reputable resellers. The reseller must make sure the items work well and that technology is free of viruses. It is highly recommended to get a warranty included with your purchase.

Fitness and Sporting Gear

Lightly used and sanitary exercise equipment can be found in certain sales if you search carefully. This is an especially smart choice if you have kids who are constantly growing out of old roller skates and shoes!

Solid Wood Furniture

Hardwood furniture can be a great investment as it is often sturdier than more contemporary styles. You can leave it as it is or give it a thorough painting and have it look as good as new!


Never buy a new book for hundreds of dollars when you can find a good quality used one for half the price! Students can find great deals on textbooks that they won’t need for more than a year or a semester and there are multiple websites and platforms to help them do so. 


Kitchen Appliances

Most kitchen appliances (especially the generally expensive ones) are hard to find at a good price on the market. So, if you are looking to buy – be wary of your purchase.

Upholstered Furniture

Furniture made of sturdy materials may be a good deal but avoid pieces covered in fabric. They could be hiding structural wear and tear—and worse, you might bring unwanted pests like bed bugs into your home.

Nonstick Cookware

There’s some debate over the safety of nonstick cookware that’s been chipped or scratched but don’t take chances. Buy new items individually, or pick up a budget set.

Hats and Shoes

Many kinds of hats can’t be washed so there’s no easy way to eliminate the previous owner’s bacteria and body oils or ensure that you avoid lice. Shoes can also come with bacteria; plus, new shoes often mold quickly to the original owner’s feet, so they may not work for yours.

There are some tips for buying used products (or not). We hope you got some value out of this blog. Happy shopping!

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