Here Are Simple Ways To Help You Find Your Niche & Choices


Do you feel scattered in your thoughts toward your goals, business plans or study choices? Well, you’re not alone, with a world filled with choices. This puts pressure on individuals to “make the right choice” and “find their niche”.

Here I’m going to help you narrow down those choices by asking you to ask yourself a few questions.

Here comes to mind a very clich√© and common saying, which is “follow your passion”, all while it is definitely very important to love what you do. However, we simply can’t do everything that we love, and in many cases, such ideas would cause more distraction and confusion, as people tend to have multiple interests throughout their lives.

The first question you should ask yourself is “What are my skills, competencies or potential?”H

Which choices to take?

You might be thinking, “I don’t have a long history with experiences” so it’s hard for you to determine what you would excel at.

Don’t worry, this is normal if you’re still young and it’s probably why you’re here reading this.

A great way to get a sense of this is to take note of people’s comments or compliments regarding your personality, behaviour or talents, especially those with trusted opinions and good life experience, as well as, those who know you well. Think of things like: “you speak flawless Spanish” maybe you should consider a career in language like being a translator, teacher, linguist, editor etc. or maybe if you’re told that you’re a “good listener” or “‘you’re wise beyond your years” this may indicate you should consider a career which requires analytical thinking, like being a therapist or school counsellor.

Your next step is testing the waters.

Once you have an idea about potential paths do a little research on those fields and see how those markets are doing in general. As this may be a general notion, however, it will definitely tweak your perspective toward a more specific path and open you up to new ideas!

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