DIY: 5 household items that you can make yourself


Maybe you’re looking for ways to save money or maybe you just like to DIY. Either way, here’s a list of fun ideas for everyday items that you can make at home for little to no cost.

  • Soap

Making soap the traditional way can be difficult and requires the use of lye which isn’t always easy to obtain but did you know that you can make your own body soaps at home with little effort? Using the “melt-and-pour method” shown in the article below, you can create homemade soaps in the shape you want. They’re great just to use in the shower or to offer as a gift!

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  • Ant Killer

The snow isn’t even all melted yet and we’re already starting to see these little buggers appear on our floors and counters. Instead of spending money on chemical ant killers that will make you dizzy and can be dangerous for your pets and small children, learn how to make your own DIY ant killer at home using nothing but household items that you most likely already have laying around.

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  • Air freshner

Tired of spending money on the same scented air fresheners for your home? You can make your own with fruits, spice and other things you have around the house. Not only will this save you a buck or two but you also get to choose your scent!

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  • Car de-icer

We hope you won’t be needing this one for a while but it’s a good idea to save for next winter. Have a bottle of this ready for a quick de-icing of your windshield in the morning before work.

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  • Toothpaste

That’s right, you can even make your own toothpaste and it’s not even hard! You’ll notice a couple ingredients in this recipe that you might not have at your home. No worries as those ones are completely optional!

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Whatever DIY project you decide to take on, the most important thing is to have fun and be proud of what you’ve created. Enjoy!

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