Buying in Bulk: Whys and Whats


Grocery shopping may be a mandatory chore for most people, but for others, shopping is a kind of talent where you implement some smart strategies to get the most out of it. One important shopping strategy is buying in bulk.

There are a couple of reasons why some people like buying goods in bulk:

  • Buying in bulk is a good choice if you have a family or sharing your dwelling with a group of people; where you need more of everything, everything runs out so fast! Just put your mind to rest and have a good stash of every popular good among your household.
  • Even though you are buying larger quantities of a particular item, it actually will cost less per unit. Besides, many retailers are willing to offer discounts when you buy a number of certain items.
  •  If you want to cut down a little on your supermarket trips, like when you have to drive far distances to reach a particular store you prefer, or if you are simply too busy to go grocery shopping multiple times a week, make your purchases in bulk. Don’t forget that you’re also making the environment a big favor!
  •  Grocery shoppers who shop with young kids know very well how easily a nice peaceful grocery trip can turn ugly! Actually buying in bulk was particularly invented for this group.
  • Buying in bulk is what you need to do if you want to stock in an item or a brand you can’t find sometimes, or if extraordinary conditions call for it like storms and crippling snow, or maybe a locky-downy cute pandemic. 
  • When you intend to buy large quantities of many items, you are less likely to go add unnecessary ones in your already overflowing shopping cart. Overspending issue solved!

What items can I buy in bulk?

Let’s talk about the items you better not buy in bulk first. Avoid buying large amounts you don’t expect to consume fast of certain groceries like:

  • Meats
  • Milk
  • Dairy products with an expiry date
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Bread and baked goods

And any other product with a short shelf life.

On the other hand, there are many goods fit to be bought and stores in large quantities, given you have a good storage area to stash them, of course! 

Some products you can buy in bulk are:

  • Paper products: paper tissues, toilet paper, napkins, diapers…
  • Canned goods
  • Cleaning products
  • Office materials
  • Soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste…
  • Batteries (if you’ll keep in optimal conditions)

The lists of the products you can and can’t buy in bulk go on and on. Ultimately, you only can decide what and how many items should be there on your shopping list depending on your need, consumption, and budget.

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