It’s Time for Independent Women to be Financial Leaders

24. November 2020 Uncategorized 0
It is very hard to maintain autonomy over your life if you weren’t financially independent, and this is especially true for women. While all of us achieve this differently, women tend to have extra challenges along the way. In order for you, ladies, to achieve financial independence, here are some pieces of advice that should ...

Start Generating Your Passive Income Today

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I know “passive” income might seem that you’re going to be sitting around chilling while your money generates itself. But contrary to popular belief, passive income doesn’t come without work and definitely a dash of creativity in my opinion. However, what’s so great about this, is that at one point, you will have minimized the ...

Why You Shouldn’t Follow Your Passion

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For a long time, people have told us that if you want to have a happy work-life you ought to follow your passion, and make money out of what you really love. It’s the ultimate dream for everyone, isn’t it? To be honest, if you think about it this way it sounds exciting. However, restricting ...

Minimalism: Interior Design For Simple Living

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What is minimalism? To create a minimal interior design, we first need to understand minimalism. Minimalism in short words is simplicity, freeing yourself of trivial burdens, going back to what’s important, and to what’s basic. Minimalists focus on the essential elements in their lives, houses, eating, and thinking. Consequently, minimal interior design is portrayed with ...

What You Should ACTUALLY Do In Your Twenties!

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Twenties are a fun age, the age of enjoying life & having few to no responsibilities, but between these amazing times and spectacular weekends lay a few things you need to consider to invest in yourself & your time.  I’m not here to kill the fun for you, twenties are a great time to take ...

Buying VS Renting A House, What Is Better For You?

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Buying VS Renting A House, What Is Better For You?
Deciding between buying versus renting a house is not a simple decision to make, you need to weigh the pros and cons before choosing what’s best for you. There are financial and non-financial aspects you should keep in mind before arriving at a decision. Below, I’m going to ask you some questions to help you ...

Here Are Simple Ways To Help You Find Your Niche & Choices

31. August 2020 Uncategorized 0
Here Are Simple Ways To Help You Find Your Niche & Choices
Do you feel scattered in your thoughts toward your goals, business plans or study choices? Well, you’re not alone, with a world filled with choices. This puts pressure on individuals to “make the right choice” and “find their niche”. Here I’m going to help you narrow down those choices by asking you to ask yourself ...

Here Are 7 Things To Consider To Be Budget Smart

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Here Are 7 Things To Consider To Be Budget Smart
Budget wise the last few months were extremely hard on everyone, quarantine has changed the way we spend our days and our money. In addition to this worldwide pandemic, people are now suffering from a huge rise in prices due to inflation and the very turbulent economy. For this, I decided to collect some ideas ...