Best Places to Sell Your Unwanted Goods


Decluttering ― both your life and your home ― can have a calming effect. Everyone seems to be joining the tidy-up train and getting rid of all the unnecessary things that are collecting dust. And with current circumstances, yard sales are no longer an option – leaving us to opt with online selling options. As far as selling unwanted goods, the online route offers some great options.

You might already have heard about eBay, craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. So, we rounded up our other online platforms where you can sell your unwanted goods. While these are still top-choice marketplaces, there are other online sites and apps to get you started, such as


This is a free service that allows you to buy and sell all your goods! It also allows you to negotiate the price with the possible buyers. After messaging a possible buyer through the app, the seller arranges a time for the buyer to check out the item. Then, they either pay the pre-discussed price or negotiate a different one. Your personal contact information is protected, and everyone is rated via Uber and Lyft. This allows you to feel a little safer meeting with a stranger.


Take a picture or video of the item you wish to sell and then post it. Then the app will use LetGo Reveal (which is its image recognition/AI technology) to suggest a title, price and category. LetGo is free and its simple interface has made it one of the top 50 free apps in the app store. The only caveat is that payment cannot be done directly through the app. So, payments will have to be made via a cheque, cash or in person.


NextDoor is becoming a popular free method for people to sell their unwanted goods to the local community. It’s especially beneficial if you wish to avoid the hassle of shipping or meeting someone far from your home. It is also a great way to get to know your neighbors. Just post a picture to the proper category, discuss with interested buyers over private messages, and negotiate the method of payment and where to pick it up.


Use this app to sell unwanted items in your wardrobe by uploading a picture and negotiating directly with buyers. Poshmark pays for the shipping and takes a small commission on everything you sell. It is super user-friendly! It has become one of the easiest ways to clear your closet of extra clothes, shoes and accessories.


This is a good option for when you want to sell objects like cell phones, tech, CDs, DVDs, games and books. Download this app and enter the details about the phone or computer you want to sell. You can also scan barcodes of old DVDs, CDs and games. The key here is that Decluttr will pay you directly and tell you how much they’ll pay for all of your items. They send you a shipping label, and then pay you within one day from when they receive your old tech. Using Decluttr may pay you less than what you could get on eBay, but it’s preferable if you’re low on time and just want to get rid of stuff from your messy and dusty office.

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