How To Be a 5 Star Host, on a Low Budget


We can all agree, the job of an idyllic host is to make guests feel both special and comfortable. This can be done, but sometimes hosts feel like the only way to make it happen is to spend more than they can afford. Here are a few tips to make your guests feel like a million bucks, without spending a million bucks!

First impressions:

What do you notice first when you go to a hotel? That it’s clean? That they put extra thought in what guests will like? That they have extra touches to make you feel at home? These should be the first thing that your guests feel and notice when they come to stay. Make sure that the sheets are clean and that the bed is neatly made. Spray a light fragrance in the room to make it feel fresh, and different from the rest of the house. Try a soothing scent like lavender or eucalyptus to help your guests feel calm and relaxed. If you’d like to add a special and fun touch, put their favorite chocolate or treat on their pillow. It costs next to nothing, but leaves them with the impression that you’ve been looking forward to seeing them.

Pamper them:

Like the chocolate on the pillow, there are other ways to pamper your guests without spending too much money. Have a few water bottles and a bowl with a couple of snacks in their room. This way they can have a snack without feeling like they have to bother anyone if they’re hungry. If you want to get fancy, use a decanter and two glasses instead of water bottles. Have a towel and a matching washcloth ready on the foot of the bed for them, so they feel welcome to freshen up.

Be A Prepared Host:

There is nothing worse while travelling than finding that you’ve forgotten to bring something. Have a toiletry basket ready in your bathroom to restock any forgotten items. The most common items would be things like toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, combs, body wash, and shampoo. All of these can be bought at the dollar store, and will impress your guests.

The Entertaining Host

When it comes to taking your guests to see the sites, use coupons! You don’t have to break the bank to show them a good time. Use sites like Groupon to help you save some money.

Have fun being the hostess with the mostest!

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