5 Ways to Prevent Splurging on Your Online Grocery Budget


In light of current times, grocery shopping has never been easier. At the tap of a few icons, we can now get all our groceries and needs fulfilled without having to move an inch. How can we stay two steps ahead of the deceitful clutches of technology and stay within our monthly grocery budget without missing out on its benefits?

Despite the convenience brought forward by modern technology, spending money has also never been easier and faster. With the average delivery price for each grocery haul being around 10 dollars, our wallets have never felt lighter. Here are 5 ways to prevent splurging on your online deliveries.

1. Remember the Benefits of Buying in Bulk: Your Grocery Budget Will Thank You!

Before the pandemic, grocery shopping was something we would do once every two weeks or even once a month. We always said this was due to our continuous schedules and lack of time. Instead of ordering something whenever you have a craving or desire, try to stick to this pre-pandemic routine. If it helps, limit grocery hauls to less than three times a month.

2. Invest in Your Health

Even though we are past the cooking phase of the quarantine, now is the time to stop hoarding canned and packaged foods. Invest in nutritious and healthy meals which seem high effort, but really aren’t once you put your mind to it. The pandemic has made it so easy to be lazy and become a couch potato, but canned food is not a wise investment as it doesn’t last long and will send you scouting on the delivery app in less than a week.

3. Always Shop on a Full Stomach

Make sure to shop on a full stomach as online delivery is the kryptonite to an empty stomach and can lead to an unnecessary and regrettable splurge. You know what that means; overspending on your grocery budget!

4. Compare and Contrast

Exploit the fact that you don’t need to squint at aisles after aisles to scout for the products you’re searching for. Take this opportunity to expand your taste buds and maybe even find cheaper alternatives. You never know what you’re missing out on until you have all your options in front of you (which has never been more literal than it is now).

5. Have a Diverse and Well Balanced Grocery List

Try to diversify your grocery list so that cravings are met and you aren’t indulging in takeout and neglecting the contents of your fridge.

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