5 Cheap travel destinations for 2019


Like to travel? Going on a vacation doesn’t always have to mean splurging big bucks. Granted, you’ll still most likely need to save up a bit for any of the destinations below but we’re not talking thousands of dollars here. If you’re able to get the time off and put a thousand or so dollars aside, you can make this happen. Here are our choice budget international destinations for Canadians in 2019.


Cuba has been a staple for Canadians looking for a cheap beach vacation over the last decade. The low price on all-inclusive vacations keep people coming back year after year. Cuba is not known for their gourmet food, so if you consider yourself a foodie, this might not be your first choice. If you like sunny weather and pristine beaches however and don’t want to the break the bank, Cuba is the destination for you!

The cheapest time to travel to Cuba is in October, with flights as low as $375!

Accommodations can be as low as $20 a day and food can cost as little as $5 a meal. You can even reduce these costs sometimes if you go for an all-inclusive deal.


A European vacation can be a dream come true however, popular destinations such as France and Italy can be difficult to visit on a budget. Romania is not as often considered as a travel destination however this country has much to offer. You might not visit as many museums or churches as you would in other euro tourist spots but Romania is rich in hundred-year old castles (including the Dracula Castle!) and breathtaking nature so your chances of getting bored are slim.

You can book a flight to Romania in September for as low as $700. Meals run from $10-$15 each and you can find accommodations for as low as $40 a night.


Looking to visit Southeast Asia? Thailand is the most popular destination in that area and it’s already pretty cheap, but consider a holiday in Cambodia for your next trip. Cambodia, sometimes called the Wild West of Asia, is generally considered to be even cheaper than Thailand! Whether you’re looking to party or to explore the rich history of the Cambodian people, you’re sure to have a blast and stay under budget.

The best time to go to Cambodia (price wise anyway) is in December when you can book a flight to Phnom Penh for as low as $650. With so many temples and historic locations to visit, along with meals for as low as a dollar and accommodations for $10 a night or even less, you might even find yourself wanting to extend your visit!


Beaches to relax on, mountains to climb, history to explore, Colombia is a beautiful country with much to do. Don’t let the media scare you, unless you act carelessly, Colombia is perfectly safe to visit. Medellin and Bogota are both must-see cities if you choose this destination and don’t forget about the Pablo Escobar tour!

In November, you can book a flight to Bogota or Medellin for around $450. You can get a meal almost anywhere in Colombia for $5 and a place to sleep for $10-$15 a night.


Cambodia might be cheaper, but Thailand is still a good budget travel choice and still a great destination for anyone who is visiting Southeast Asia. If you’ve never been in that part of the world before, Thailand is often recommended as the best country to get your feet wet. If you’re looking for a wild outlandish time and don’t want to spend too much, Thailand is the place for you.

You can book a flight to Thailand for as low as $650 in February, which is general considered the best time to visit this country. If you’re into street food, you can get away with a meal for $2. You can find decent accommodations for $10 as well.

Safe travels!

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